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About Be-Yond

Be-Yond was founded in 2002 by Franciska Moors-Dekker. Franciska is a university graduate in agricultural sciene. She held various positions with FAO and Wageningen University and Research Centre during the period of 1985-2002. Over these years she grew her interest in people and their effectiveness towards what they were wanting to achieve. She was inspired to continue education in psycho-energetic therapy as well as education in communication skills, teamcoaching, inspirational leadership and coaching with horses.

Franciska is both a pragmatic person and idealist. What makes her tick is creating flow in people's lives. She has the ability to help unravel complex situations, to bring structure and help develop skills to achieve valuable results.

Be-Yond is acronym for 'BE Your OwN Director'. Be-Yond also represents the gracious "moving beyond" the limits we can feel in daily reality, to engage in the mission and purpose that truly fulfill.

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