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Our clients

Our clients are Dutch and international partners involved in education, research and services. Be-Yond is specialist in academic environments of Universities and Research Institutes. We also have women leaders among our clients, as well as independent professionals.

Be-Yond has worked with: Landstede, Econcern, IOWO, UNESCO-IHE, HAN, Scholengemeenschap Pantarijn, Wageningen Universiteit en Research Centrum, KLV, VWI, Vitens, Belastingdienst, ANWB, Rijkswaterstaat, Centre for Academic Leadership Eva Wiltingh BV, Universiteit Utrecht, UMCU, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, EMC, Universiteit Twente, TU Eindhoven, RIVM, Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Adecco, Heineken.

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